Building a Storage Shed from Plans

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If I had to do it again I would definitely build my shed from scratch!

While the prefab, all 'plastic' kit I purchased had a number of great advantages, at the time:
  • Very fast assembly
  • Zero maintenance
  • Great size
  • Reasonable price
I am disappointed in my purchase decision as I have discovered that it has some real weaknesses, particularly for northern climates:
  • Snow loading has required me to augment the roof with a standard wood frame and single roof and to build external supports for that roof
  • The plastic material does not stand up to rough usage - for instance in the cold the bottom of the shed doors have been chipped with a snow shovel.
  • The security is flimsy
My Next Shed
For the next shed I will definitely get a plan that I like -- they are generally very reasonably priced under $30, purchase the building materials and build the shed myself. My experience building the cottage has shown me that the cost of the materials will come close to 'plastic' kit prices, but with the advantage of greater longevity and security.

Searching the Web for Shed Plans
In doing some preliminary search on the web I have found that there is a multitude of sites that offer shed plans, but very few have a great selection.  One site which has my interest is a site called My Shed Plans.

'My Shed Plans' has a library of over 12,000 plans.  I downloaded one that close to what I am looking for.  Here is a sneak peek at the sample shed plan I downloaded.

Get a $10 Discount on Shed Plans...
If you take this link to 'My Shed Plans' there is a $10 Discountt on the shed plans.

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