The Fall Routine: Splitting Wood

Las weekend I cut, split and stacked all the firewood that we cut down late last winter (see More on that coming in future posts) and during the summer.

While I have rented a log splitter in past years, I found a 4-ton electric log splitter on sale at Canadian tire and decided to give it a try.  I was concerned that the 4-ton version wouldn't be powerful enough but was pleasantly surprised.  The splitter easily split even the biggest logs over 14 inches in diameter.  The biggest problem was knots but with a bit of clever planning these tough logs can be mastered.

This model is quite compact, and hence, I placed it on our picnic table to get it up to a more comfortable work height.

There are a few tips to stay safe when using the splitter
  1. Wear safety glasses or a face shield
  2. Use  as short an extension cord as possible and low guage wire or you will find that you will be constantly tripping a circuit breaker, and over heating the splitter.
  3. Be sure to open up the air release value before you start splitting - and close it just before storage.
  4. Keep your fingers out of the way
  5. Do not defeat the safety interlock system - that is having to push a button and a separate lever at the same time.
Log Loading Tips
Through trial and error you will determine the the best way to load the logs to get the best splitting result.  Here are a few tips to start with:
  1. Load the widest end of the log against the knife side of the splitter
  2. Load any logs not cut straight with the longest side downwards
I am kicking myself for not video tapping the operation of the splitter but I found a excellent demonstration on the model I have on YouTube:

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