Knee Pads: A Mandatory Cottage Building Tool

For just about every Cottage DIY project I take on these days, it seems that kneeling is required and my knees seem to take a beating. Perhaps it is that I am getting on in years, and as a consequent not quite as limber, but having a set of knee pads certainly makes the DIY projects so much less painful.

The pads make doing the DIY project less painful but also the lingering ache after the job is reduced.

In my book, and tool kit, a $9.99 pair of knee pads is absolutely mandatory!

But there good pairs and not so good pairs which has a lot to do with your physical attributes: size, weight, shape of knee, leg length.  If you can, endure the embarassment, and try them out in the store before you buy them.  I have found the keys to a successful fit are:
  • Long enough to cover above and below the knee
  • Wide straps
  • Lots of Velcro area
  • Form fitted to the shape of the knee
  • Light

Fiskars Ultra Light Kneelers Knee Pads #9418