Making Space in A small Cottage Bathroom

Sometimes space is at a premium in a Cottage. A good example is the bathroom.

We are in the middle of adding a second, much smaller bathroom to complement the two bedrooms in the basement. Our checklist included:
  • Toilet
  • Sink/Vanity
  • 38" x 38" Shower stall
In a 6' x 7' space this could be a tight fit.

Fortunately we were able to final a low profile sink and vanity combination. As you can see in the (rather poor) photograph we have used vanity which is only half as deep as the more common versions. To provide the same sink real estate the bowl sticks out over the vanity.

The effect is fabulous!

It provides a full function vanity and sink taking up only half the usual space. The room feels positively airy

We purchased the vanity/sink combination from Home Hardware. The faucet we purchased at Home Depot.
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