10 Tips for Installing the Kitchen Sink

This was my third kitchen sink that I had installed -- so it was becoming old hat...

But no time to become cocky!

Still it is important to be very fearful of what you are about to do... That is cutting a big hole in the counter-top that you just paid big bucks for and painstakingly installed. One wrong measurement, a slip of the saw and all that $$$ could be down the drain... so to speak.

Here are a few tips that make for a mistake free, prefect cut::
  1. Use the supplied cutting template that comes with the sink. My advice is if one didn't come then take it back and upgrade to a higher quality sink (and supplier)
  2. Mark the center line of the template and line that up perfectly with the gap between the two doors in front of the sink. Or if there is only one door measure to the center of that door.
  3. Center the template so that the front and back of the template clear the support infrastructure for the counter-top (in the base cabinet). It is very difficult to cut through both the counter-top and the structure under it PLUS you would be weakening the support for the counter-top.
  4. Draw the line around the template with a permanent marker - a nice 1/4 inch line... Believe me you will appreciate it with all the saw dust you are about to create...
  5. Remove the template and use painter's tape to protect (the stuff that comes off easily) the outside of the line you just made. I would suggest at least 1-inch wide. This is so the jig saw doesn't mar the surface.
  6. Dry fit the sink - but upside down on the counter-top. Does the sink have enough clearance at the back against the splash? Enough clearance at the front? Does it look centered?
  7. Use a 5/8" or 3/4" drill bit to make pilot holes for the jig saw blade. Drill these holes on the inside of the line! Don't be stingy drill a hole in each corner...
  8. Support the piece you are about to cut before it comes crashing down.
  9. Make sure to have at least two jig saw blades - you are going to break at least one!
  10. Wear eye protection!
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