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One of the greatest ways to get inspiration for your own home projects is to see the before and after pictures of others’ remodeling efforts. You may get ideas you never would have come up with on your own, you may get helpful instruction on how to do the work properly or where to buy products. Or, you may just get that final push of motivation you need to get started on the job. There are lots of reasons to scour before and after shots before you tackle your own home project, and here are some sites that have great inspirational pictures.

1. HGTV –One of the most popular sources for do it yourselfers is HGTV with its many renovating and decorating shows. However, their website is also a great resource, since it is full of remodeling pictures, both from their shows and from their professionals. You’ll even find pictures sent in by viewers who have completed home remodeling projects. Once you’ve chosen a design, there’s also lots of information available to help you get the project done. And, if you’ve seen a design you like on one of their shows, it’s easy to find information from that particular episode.

2. DIY –DIY is also a television network with a great website. In their “Rate My Space” category you can see hundreds of projects completed by viewers, sure to give you plenty of inspiration for every room in your house. You’ll also find pictures of remodels completed by their professionals. There’s lots of great do it yourself advice here.

3. This Old House –This show and its related website has come a long way since its early days, but it still retains its reputation for being one of the best sources for people who want to complete work on their homes themselves. The website is one of the best around for showcasing renovations done by real homeowners with great before and after pictures. And, many of the renovations have been completed on very small budgets.

4. –This site is dedicated to the creation of beautiful kitchens, as its name implies. It has wonderful pictures of kitchens in every style imaginable and every budget, too. You’ll also find lots of information about where particular products can be purchased, and find out helpful tips for choosing a contractor and for getting your project done right.

5. Remodeling My Space – This is a great site for renovators, and offers one of the largest galleries of before and after pictures. One of the things I like about this site is that many of the ideas are categorized by style, such as “French Country kitchen”, making it easy to find ideas that suit your personal style.

Any home renovation requires inspiration and planning. Knowing exactly the look you want to create before you start can ensure that you end up with a project you’re happy with and one that comes in on budget. Be sure to check out all of these websites for inspiration and motivation before you begin your next home remodeling project.

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