Safe Water at the Cottage: Revers Osmosis - Part 3 of 3

The reverse osmosis system I used came as a complete system. All I needed to do was:
  1. connect all the hoses
  2. insert the filters in the appropriate cartridge holders
  3. Install the system under the kitchen sink which consisted of a) drilling a hole in the counter for the faucet, b) installing the faucet, c) securing the cartridge set to the inside of the cupboard, and d) inserting a battery in the filter timer.
The Reverse osmosis system that I installed has a Five Stage Purification Process:

STAGE I: Sediment 5 Micron : Removes dirt, sediments, sand, and other physical particles.

STAGE II: Granulated Activated Carbon Filter: Reduces chemicals, such as chlorine, that may be in your water supply.

STAGE III: Carbon Block: Further reduces organics, odors, and other chemicals that might be present in you water supply.

STAGE IV: Reverse Osmosis Membrane: 50 gallon per day membrane removes 93-97% of dissolved mineral salts and other contaminants in the water supply.

STAGE V: Post Carbon Filter: A final polishing process that enhances and clarifies your drinking water.

My Supplier/Manufacturer:
Watts Canada

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