Waiting for Spring...

On Saturday January 3rd we passed the milestone of moving my furniture that was stored in storage at PODS to the Cottage.

We are not yet finished inside but sufficiently finished to accept furniture. This way I save the storage charges, thus freeing up cash to devote to the Cottage.

In the picture you see the garden bench I had in my garden in the front of the Condo I sold in May. ...and as the title suggests I can't wait for spring to enjoy it again!

Coming Up:
As you can see I have been away from the blog for a few weeks. The blog has been a casuality of the Christmas holiday and spending most of the time up at the Cottage doig the final touchs so that we could bring up the furniture.

Over the past three weeks we have accomplished much which I will share with you over the next few posts - possible a week of more of posts - I might even have to do multiple posts per day. We will see what my work schedule allows. We accomplished the following:
  • Installed laminate floor on the main floor
  • Installed vinyl floor in the main bathroom
  • Installed the IKEA kitchen cabinets
  • Installed the bath tub, the toilet and the bathroom vanity and sink.
  • Completed the plumbing for the bathroom in the ceiling of the basement.
  • Started the railing for the stairs downstairs.
  • The taping and plastering of the drywall was completed, and primed.
  • Painted the ceiling and walls of the main floor
  • Installed the refrigerator and stove
  • Installed the microwave oven
  • The electrical was completed including all the baseboard heaters, switches, outlets, and light fixtures (some temporary)
  • Started on the baseboard trim.
In the months of January and February we hope to accomplish the following:
  • Install the baseboard and window trim on the main floor
  • Install the interior doors
  • Complete the hand railings for the stairwell
  • Install the closet doors on the main floor.
  • Install the subfloor in the basement
  • Paint the walls and ceilings in the basement
  • Install the laminate floor in the basement.
  • Finish connecting the plumbing in the basement
  • Connect up the gas supply to the tankless water heater
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