Why use 54-inch Drywall for High Ceilings

Nine-foot ceiling are great!

They make rooms, even smaller ones seem much bigger. However there is a price to pay for that luxury, and that is in the drywall you need.

Standard drywall board is 48 inches in width, and while it can be applied vertically using 10-foot lengths the standard method is to apply drywall horizontally. Fortunately there is 54-inch wide drywall.

The two pictures in this post illustrate the issue dramatically.

We used greenboard drywall in the bathroom. Greenboard is only manufactured in 48-inch widths. The result is that there needs to be an approximately 1-foot strip of dray wall inserted in the middle of the wall. This means more seams and hence more taping and plastering.

However, when using the 54-inch width drywall only one seam is created.

Coming Up:
This week the drywall contractor is completing the taping and plastering so next week I should have pictures of the finished result for you.

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