Disabled-Persons Modifications

My Mother had a stroke, and hence, has difficult maneuvering around a toilet like many disabled persons.

Knowing that I would be installing a assisting bar on the wall beside the toilet, I installed extra wood supports between the wall studs. Now when I come to install the bar I will be assured there is plenty of support to screw into.

In the picture, just below and above the wire, I installed a 2x10 block in the two stud spaces beside the toilet.

This is only one of several modification for the disabled I will be adding to the construction considerations. The key is to think through the disabled person's needs and build in the necessary modifications during the construction. It is often more difficult, sometime imposable to may the changes afterwards.

In this case installing the supports before the drywall makes the a lot easier, and eliminates the guess work of where the studs are later.

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