Installing A Toilet: Part 1

As a mentioned in the previous posts, we started the installation of the plumbing last weekend. The first major task was to install the waste lines. We started in the room furthest from the exit to the septic tank. This happens to be the main floor bathroom.

Previously I described the first steps in installing the bath tub and the shower. Next was the roughing in of the waste lines for the toilet.

The right location for the toilet is usually (and it was for our toilet) 12 inches from the wall behind the toilet and at least 12 inches on either side. It is important to remember to add in the thickness of the wall coverings on your walls in that measurement. The includes the drywall and anything like wainscoting or paneling you may be placing on to of that.

Plus is more ascetically pleasing to center the toilet between the wall and the shower (in our case). Unfortunately, the prefect centre was obstructed by a floor joist so the toilet is positions just to the left of center - a bit closer to the wall.

We actually did not extend the false wall that was built behind the shower to behind the toilet. The supply lines come up from the floor, hence, are well insulated. Plus another 4 inches meant the toilet would be unacceptably protruding in to the room.

Beside the shower base, in the first picture you can see the waste pipe coming up through the hole in the floor. Not yet connected, the toilet flange is sitting on the floor next to the pipe.

In upcoming posts we will be describing the installation of the toilet, but first we put in the waste plumbing over the next few posts...