Installing Vinyl Siding: What Kind to Buy?

Siding comes in various 'profiles'. A profile is the shape of the siding or what the shape of the face of the siding is. The profile also determines the potential uses of the siding. Some siding can be used both horizontally and vertically while others really only look good in a horizontal aspect.

Here is a list of some of the profiles of siding available. Your choice is really a personal one - how do you want your cottage to look - more traditional, modern, or classic?

Beaded: Authentic 17th century horizontal Colonial beaded ridge in a 6.5" design with graceful shadow lines.

Double 4 Clapboard: Classic horizontal 8" wide design with stepped 4" beveled boards and bold shadow lines. (NOTE: This is the profile we are using for our Cottage.)

Double 5 Clapboard: Similar to Double 4 Clapboard profile, but wider 10" face exposure with stepped 5" beveled boards.

Double 4 Dutch Lap: Traditional horizontal 8" design with stepped 4" sculpted boards to maximize horizontal shadow lines.

Double 4.5 Dutch Lap: Similar to Double 4 Dutch Lap, but wider 9" face exposure with stepped 4.5" sculpted boards.

Double 5 Dutch Lap: Similar to Double 4 Dutch Lap, but 10" face exposure with stepped 5" sculpted boards.

Single 8 Clapboard: Traditional horizontal 8" wide design, beveled from top to bottom.

Triple 3 Clapboard: Victorian-style horizontal 9" wide design with three stepped-down 3" beveled boards.

Vertical Board & Batten: Vertical siding with deep shadow lines created with raised batten strips.

Vertical V: 7" vertical siding replicating tongue-and-groove construction.