Installing Vinyl Siding: J-Channel - the Universal Trim

Just back from installing yet again more siding and soffit up at the Cottage - it is seeming to take forever! Perhaps because of my attention to detail or lack of skill - although I dispute that now... ;-), the siding is by far taking more time than I expected. This past weekend is the fourth weekend devoted primarily to installing siding or soffit.

It looks like this upcoming weekend will put the siding to bed.

As I look back at the various trim operations, I amazed at how versatile the lowly J-Channel is. I find that it is the go-to trim when I need to get out of a trim jam.

I have found it to be great for:
  • Trim around the beams that hang of the walls
  • Trim around the deck ledger
  • Trim the change in direction of the soffit at corners
  • Trim around the jogs in the siding that are caused by the change in level of the cottage
  • Trim just about anything that sticks out of a wall
I find that I am constantly running out of J-Channel as I underestimated the amount I would require.

TIP: Get lots of J-Channel. You will find it used in many more locations than expected. Not having it will mean the work stops dead in its tracks!