Bragging about Installing Soffit

Installing siding is a breeze compared to installing soffit. To be more specific, installing straight courses of soffit is reasonably easy but installing soffit at corners is a real pain in the royal butt!

The installation of soffit is particularly difficult and time consuming at the corners of the gazebo. Because the gazebo is an eight-sided structure the corners are not your standard 90-degree angle, and hence, much more difficult to measure and install soffit into.

A huge degree of patience and lots of time are required.

Therefore to actually have the soffit complete - all of it - pleases me ever so much. Here is a picture of a particularly difficult section of soffit. This picture illustrates the transition from a normal straight course of soffit under and eave to the course under the gazebo. To make things worse the section under the gazebo was not perfectly parallel to the beam. This meant each piece of soffit under this section of gazebo soffit need to be cut to a different size and on an angle.

Still it turned out well, and to the casual viewer would not look out of place at all, once a bit of strategically placed white caulking is used.