Be Warned - Insualtion takes up LOTS of Space

As I mentioned in a previous post, I received my insulation order about 4 weeks earlier than I needed most of it. Sure I needed a few bags of insulation earlier to:
  • Insulate the wall behind where the electrical panel is to go
  • Insulate behind the shower enclosure
I certainly did not need all of it for another week or so. But in haste and wishing to keep the delivery operation simple I choose to receive all of the insulation order.

Not a big mistake but a very inconvenient one, as now I have to keep moving the bags of insulation - and we have a lot of them - from the areas I am working in.

I have insulation all over the Cottage:
  • I have insulation in the middle of the living room and dining room
  • I have insulation in the middle of the great room in the basement, and
  • I have insulation in the master bedroom closet.
And that is not the worst of it! I only received half of the insulation for the Ceiling. Fortunately, this part of the insulation order is on back order. I should receive it in about two weeks - just in time to install it.

Take-away Message: When your building schedule gets stretched be sure to adjust the delivery schedule for your materials to compensate - or you could be swimming in materials you do not quite need yet.