Building a Roof by the Labels

The trusses came with a set of plans and drawings. The drawing helped to decide what order the trusses needed to be assembled.

The drawings also indicated where to place additional bracing. Bracing between and among the trusses is very importsant to provide that additional lateral stability and strength to the roof.

In addition, the truss builder, Kent Trusses, placed stickers on the chords where the lateral bracing needs to go. "Chord" is truss lingo for the wood beams between the foot (bottom) and other parts of the truss.

There were stickers to indicate which trusses to laminate. "Laminate" is more truss lingo to indicate that two identical trusses need to be nailed together to build a thicker, stronger load bearing truss.

Not shown, was a third sticker to indicate the exact location on a truss where the load bearing wall needs to be.

And to make it even easier the stickers were colour coded:
  • Green for "Brace"
  • Blue for "Laminate"
  • Yellow for "Load Bearing"