Construction Status

If you haven't detected it, my posts are about one week behind when we did the actual activity mentioned in the post. Through the magic of Blogger I am able schedule my posts in advance. So when you read this on July 6th, I will actually be up at my Cottage, and will have been for the week.

If all goes well and we are able to keep to the schedule we should be finishing the roof - hopefully completing it by installing the sheathing and the tar paper. Shingles will happen the following weekend.

Furthermore, we hope to accomplish this past week the following:
  • Finish the framing of the exterior walls including the sheathing
  • Frame the interior walls
  • Build the superstructure for the deck
  • Deck the floor of the deck
  • Install a temporary railing for the deck (for safety)
  • Install the basement external doors and windows
and dreaming in Technicolor, some or all of the roofing shingles may be on.

I will next post likely on July 8th, so tune in to see if I kept to schedule!