Our First Basement Flood

On Saturday evening and early Sunday morning, it rained causing the first basement (and hopefully the last ever!) flood in the basement.

AND, I discovered another reason why basement floors are poured AFTER the entire house is closed in.

Here is the story! After a long day framing, and a beautiful day weather wise, I procrastinated in putting the tarp back over the floor and to cover the hole for the stairwell. My fault - but tired and with supper cooking on the BBQ, I took a chance...

Of course it rained. And it rained very hard, not once but twice.

The result was about 3 inches of water in the middle portion of the basement.

The problem is that although the plumbing has been put in the floor, all the drain pipes are sticking out of the concrete and above the level of the water, waiting to be cut and be glued to a drain. Even if the drains were in the sewage basin doesn't yet have a pump.

I pushed the water our of the basement and out the space where the patio door is to go with a makeshift squeegee. An hour later the floor was dry - but I had wasted time that could have been devoted to framing.

A lesson learned for the next time... ;-)