Framing, the 1st Wall on the 1st Floor

On Friday I was able to start framing the walls of the main floor.

I started with the smallest wall. This wall is east facing and has one window in it. In the picture to the right you can see all the components needed to frame a window. Can you place them?
  • Header (Clue: it is made of 2)
  • Sill (Clue: there is 1)
  • Trimmers (Clue: there are 2)
  • Sill Trimmers (clue there are 2)
  • King Studs (there are 8)
  • Jack studs (there are 3)
  • Bottom(sole) plate
  • Top plate
The longest part of the framing process is measuring and cutting the lumber as I use an air nailer to assemble the wall.

Notice the wall was assembled on the floor just in front of were it is to go. To ease the process of lifting it into plate you can see two temporary pieces of 2 x 6 that are sticking up from the floor - right at the end of the floor. These serve as a stopper so the wall doesn't fall over the edge as we raise it.

Prior to raising this wall I also framed the short wall that attaches on the right of this wall.

NEXT POST: raising the wall, making it plumb, and attaching the next wall.