Another Shed: Adding a Garage

I added one of those vinyl garages to the suite of sheds up at the cottage.  While the immediate need was protection from the elements while refinishing my sailboat, I was thinking ahead for the power toys that will be inevitably arriving at the Cottage:  dirty bikes, ATVs, etc...

While the instructions strenuously suggest that assembling the structure is a 2-person project, I was able to complete almost the entire project myself although it would have been nice to have a second set of hands.  Where I really needed help was in the last step of adding the reinforcing bars at the very bottom of the walls of the garage.  These bars proved the tension to the walls and ultimately for the roof.  This last task cannot not be done single handed.

I purchased this garage from Canadian Tire, on sale (I never buy anything for full price).  The quality is great. and there were several different size models.  This model is the standard model that fits a standard size automobile bu there are other models smaller and/or wider. If you need one of these they tend to come on sale either in the Spring or late Summer.