The Perfect Spring Cottage Opening Checklist

This is the first year of full operation (Hurray! we are finished building...) at the cottage for us.  Last spring there was a bunch of stuff that was not yet operational -- like the water systems.  This year we have the complete cottage to set up for the Spring/Summer/Fall season.

While our cottage is a year-round affair it does not mean that there is not thinging to 'open'  in the Spring.  Several 'systems' should be reviewed and tested, consumables replaced, and just an all round good check-out of the cottage for peace of mind -- and to determine what needs to go in to the job jar for the summer.

So we created a checklist.. a checklist that we can rely on each year to ensure we don't miss anything crutial.

A Special Gift for You!
We now have a secret page for all our registered subscribers  -- and with registration there ar perks  -- one of which is our new Downloads Page.  The first item available to registered subscribers (am I trying the make a point... ;-) is a customizable version of the "Cottage on the EDGE Spring Cottage Opening Checklist" (boy that is a mouth full -- try saying that aloud three times rapidly...)  This Checklist has all the most common items to look at and do in the spring PLUS lots of room to customize it for the special nuance of your cottage.

To download your copy of the Checklist go to the Downloads page to register... or if you have already registered enter the info you gave us when you registered (Look for the special access hint inside...).

Be sure to give us comment and feedback on the Checklist below (and remember you get a ballot for a T-shirt with every comment)