The Cottage Front Door Goes Electonic

The number of people who are and will be using the cottage is huge for the Cottage on the Edge.  They include:  my children, eventually their children, my parents, my brother and his family, my wife's family (she has 13 brothers and sisters), and many friends and other relatives.

I can't imagine how I would manage the keys necessary for that army!

For a while I played around in my mind the idea of a key hidden in some secret 'hidey' spot.  But that could become a nightmare as well - lost keys, forgetting to put it back, etc...

To the rescue is the new electronic door locks with both a standard key and a keypad.  So now I have only four keys, one each for key family members, and yes, one in an ultra secret hidey spot to be used only in emergency.  But I now have series of key codes:
  • One code for each of myself and my three sons, 
  • One for the local person I have watching over the cottage, and
  • A few general use codes that I give out to people that have a lower volume use of the cottage.
The beauty of the key codes is I can change them when I wish and not incur the expense of having a key made or the lock changed.  Plus no one has to get a physical key.  Getting access to the cottage is as simple as calling me by phone.  Can't remember the key code, a simple telephone call will solve the locked out syndrome!

Attributes of a great electronic lock:
  • A deadbolt latch that allows direct truning of the tumbler once the key code has been entered
  • A lighted key pad (a must in the dark) - one that turns on pressing any key
  • A quick lock sequence - where you do not need to enter the code to lock up.
  • Allows the programming of multiple key codes (not just a few)
 Where do get one?  All the big box stores have them:  Home Depot, Lowes, Rona, Canadian Tire, Home Hardware to name a few.