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We have just launched our first-ever Newsletter capability and with it we will have some changes to how you can chose to receive the blog posts. Plus we will be launching our newsletter later in the month to coincide with some other exciting features we will be adding.

You will still be able to receive the blog by RSS feed, and also be able to get alerts for the blog posts via my Twitter and Facebook pages, but we are changing the way the blog by eMail is generated. There are two important changes:

New eMail Subscription Form:
The previous eMail subscription button has now been replaced with the subscription form found at the top of the sidebar. If you haven't already subscribed using this new form, or you used the older eMail button, I urge you to sign up now using the new form or you will be missing out on some great new benefits.

New Blog Post Format:
With the new subscription form you will receive and greatly improved blog post by eMail. Sure you will still get those excellent posts just as you have been but in addition there will be an alert area where you will get VIP notification of new blog features and freebies.

A Monthly Newsletter:
This new subscription form will be the only way that you will be able to subscribe and receive the new Cottage on the Edge Newsletter. The newsletter will be published on a relatively monthly basis, with the odd extra newsletter thrown in for good measure.

Coming Up:
Still more exciting things happening at the Cottage on the Edge. In the next post we will reveal the DIY Cottage Forum.

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