Cottage Furniture: What Works - What Doesn't

When I was growing up I was fortunate to be a frequent guest at the cottages owned and rented by the parents of a few of my friends.  My family was one of the many without a cottage.  As I recall the standard furniture style was what I like to call now "Early Canadian Castoff".

So it generally considered on if not beat up furniture certainly furniture that was nearing its days as a comfortable place to rest one's bum.  Often thread barren the furniture always seems to be musty - often it had a blanket or some other form of cover disguising what lay underneath -- and you really didn't want to know...

Now I am fortunate in that the castoffs that our cottage inherited were not old and well used. Truth be told they were the result of two households coming together when I remarried just a few years ago.  Of course my male-oriented big armed leather furniture didn't make the critical fashion sense of my new wife -- was that a sight of relief I heard when I suggested that 'my' furniture would do nicely up at the cottage?

In hindsight it was a good decision as the big leather chairs and sofas are easily dusted and wiped down - they wear much harder than the Thomasville furniture we have back at home.

...and I so look forward to curling up with a book in my big old leather chair each time I arrive at the cottage!

Seems to me furniture for the Cottage should have the following attributes:
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Be able to take a beating
  • Big and comfortable
  • and lastly, or perhaps in spite of, fashionable
How have you decorated you Cottage?  Fashionable, inexpensively, or comfortably?

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