Nailing into Drywall: A Hard Lesson!

With the final bit of clear caulking the second shower - the one in the basement bathroom is finally complete.

The shower itself was a snap to install. The mistake that I made was not remembering where the cold water supply to the toilet was.

Yep! You got it! When I was securing the shower base to the studs I drove a screw right into the cold water pipe. Took me a while but I finally figured out where all the water was coming from. You see - as is always the case - the leaking water doesn't show up anywhere near the place where the actual leak is. Oh No! It appears somewhere like in the next room -- making you think you have a leak in the foundation wall until you remember that it is -20 Celsius outside and there is just no way that there is any water flowing in from outside - or at least I didn't see any ice cubes...

Well to make a long story short, after ripping out the drywall above the water supply to the toilet I discovered my mistake. After cutting out the perforated pipe and replacing it, then re-plastering and priming and then painting the wall... yes two weeks later (remember I have been only working on weekends) I was able to install the shower.

Went like a charm... except for the leak.

The Lesson Learned:
Always use the wire/pipe guards to shield your wires and pipe that go through studs...

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