Home Depot & Viqua: Amassing Waranty Service!

Two weekends ago the power supply for my TrojanUVmax UV filter just stopped working, for no apparent reason. I went through all the troubleshooting steps in the manual - still kaput! I disconnected it and brought it home with me, confident that with a five year warranty I was looking at a no cost replacement.

At first I thought I was about to get the warranty run-around between the manufacturer and the dealer. You see I purchased the UV unit through Home Depot online. The manual and warranty stated I should call Trojan, which turned out to be Viqua, a Trojan subsidiary. So call I did.

I didn't wait long on the phone and I was speaking with a a real person at Viqua. A polite fellow, Marc, took all the details, serial number, part number, and asked where I got it. Then I got a bit worried. He stated that it was their policy that all warranty requests need to be processed through the dealer from which I purchased the unit, in this case, Home Depot online.

So I went to the Home Depot website, searched and found a telephone number to call. After another short wait I was greeted by a spunky gal, in customer support at homedepot.ca. Discovering that I have purchased the unit almost a year ago, she informed me that Home Depot only handles warranty returns only for the first three month.

Then I got a bit concerned! Was I about to go into warranty limbo, tossed between the various supply chain players?

I was then pleasantly surprised when after being put on hold for a time, a long time actually (I was getting even more worried), the Home Depot gal came back on the line. She had been speaking with the Viqua people, Marc to be specific, and had solved the issue, right then and there. Marc would be calling me back with a solution.

Sure enough, Marc called two days later, and said they would be replacing the unit, but that it might take a bit as they were low on parts, but expecting a shipment by the end of November. Then I was put on hold... Turned out it was a worthwhile wait, as Marc informed me they had been able to find one.

Marc then apologized that I would be responsible for the shipping cost for me to return the damaged unit but that I would receive a new unit ASAP. I was pleased to pay for the shipping!

ASAP really did mean ASAP!

I packaged the damaged unit up, and after giving Canada Post $11.99 sent the registered and insured package last Thursday - late in the day.

I was totally surprised, and delighted to no end, when I received the new replacement first thing on Friday morning. Now that is ASAP service! The two packages must have past each other in the system...

I quickly opened the box to discover that Vique had sent the new model of power supply as a replacement. Basically does the same thing but in a nicer, more user friendly format. On further inspection the power cord was not in the package - I had sent the one I had with the damaged unit.

I quick call to Marc at Viqua, and the problem was resolved - a new power chord would be sent ASAP - and again it was - Monday morning it came! Plus Marc emailed me the manual for the new model.

This is how service should be!

Here are my observations:

1) Both Home Depot and Viqua took responsibility
2) Home Depot took the lead resolving the impasse, but Viqua delivered
3) It was fast!
4) The people were very pleasant and very service oriented.

As a result, both Home Depot and Viqua (Trojan) will have a fan and champion - I tell everyone about my great experience.

Coming Up:
This weekend I am up to the Cottage - the task at hand is to continue installing the basement bathroom: vinyl floor, toilet, plumbing for the shower and sink. Subsequent trips will address: installing the shower stall, the molding for the baseboards, door and window, and also a cover for the basement jack post.

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