Tips for Installing Door and Window Trim

Once the trim around the doors and windows is installed the room really starts to feel finished.

With the trim installs and the holes for the finishing nails filled and primed, I have to admit that the cottage really felt finished.

For a really great instruction on installing casing around doors and windows go to the

For a professional looking job here are a few tips...

1) Use pre-primed Trim
Painting trim is a pain in the a#$. So by using pre-primed trim at least one pass of paining is handled.

2) Use the

nail gun, photo taken in SwedenImage via Wikipedia

right tools
A mitre box saw is critical - a chop saw will make the job go much faster! An air nailer will make the nailing go wondrously!

3) Use a Paintable Latex Caulk
Nothing will align perfectly! Your trim will have gaps in some of the corners and along the edge with the wall. A little caulk in these areas will go a long way to creating a profession look.

4) Use 45 Degree lap cuts
For Doors there won't be a problem but windows that are wider or higher that 6.5 feet will require a splice if you are using the standard 7-foot casing material. The best way to make this splice is to mitre the joint at 45 degrees.

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