Tips for a Beautiful (Trim) Paint Job

Lucy, my wife is clearly the best painted of the two of us. She has patience and a flare for detail.

The result is an absolutely beautiful trim painting job.

A few tips to ensure a great paint job:

1) Use the right Brush for the Job
  • Use a narrow brush - say no wider than 1.5 inches for the door edges and trim.
  • Use a small roller to put the pain on the door - but use a brush to smooth it out and maintain the grain
2) Use the right Amount of paint on the Brush
Too much paint and it will be dripping all over - too little and it will finish streaky...

3) Be Patient - Let it dry!
Leave the doors open for at least 24 hours, and at least 24 hours between coats.

4) Prime
Always prime bare wood - otherwise you will be painting another coat anyway.

5) Caulk, fill and Sand
Be sure to caulk, fill holes and sand smooth. It is a painful and timeconsuming step but ensures a professional look.

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