Waiting for Hydro Quebec

The Cottage is looking more and more complete on the outside.

This a picture that was actually taken two weekends ago. At that time:
  • All the electrical was installed inside the Cottage, and the service mast stands ready for connection to the power Grid.
  • I began the installation of the tankless water heater - you can see the air intake mid way on the front of the cottage.
While not shown in the older picture here, we are to weekends latter and still waiting for Hydro Québec but we have accomplished more:
  • The exhaust for the tankless water heater has been installed
  • The exhaust for the future clothes dryer has been installed
  • A 1-inch corrugated stainless steel tube has been installed, and the external connection put in place and capped off.
  • The external part of the chimney has been installed
  • The cedar decking for the side and back decks have been installed
Did I say we are still waiting on Hydro Québec to connect us?
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