Construction Heating in the Winter

I just have to tell you how amazed I am with the construction /contractor heater I purchased at Princess Auto.

This little electric heater may be small but it punches a big punch when it comes to making heat! It is under a foot square, but is able to heat the entire cottage. The heater is of course a 220-volt heater, so we needed to connect it to the dryer outlet.

I keep the heater set at about 3/4 on the thermostat and it has kept the cottage at a very comfortable temperature for the past week.

Why the Heater?
Well it is approaching winter here an it is nice to work in the warmth - but the big reason is that we are about to have the drywall taped and plastered, and that can not be done in the cold.

Coming Up:
Over the month of December, yes December, we are hoping to complete the drywall, install the electrical fixtures, the laminate floor, kitchen, and bathroom.

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