My Workshop is a Mess

My workshop in the basement of the Cottage is a mess! Actually an organized mess...

As I mentioned in a previous post I have been slowly moving my tools into the Cottage itself from the shed which has been their home during the early part of the construction. Now that the cottage is completely enclosed and secure, Leaving them in the cottage makes them more readily available.

At the end of each weekend we do collect all the tools throughout the cottage an 'store' them in the workroom. Maybe not in any organized fashion but at least we know where they are.

Having the tools in the cottage has been a godsend. Now lots of time is saved because:
  • they are already in the Cottage, no going up an out to the shed.
  • breakdown is simpler as the workshop is closer than the sled.
  • many times the tools do not move that far - for instance the air compressor and tank doesn't move we just plug it in, turn it on, grab the air nailer and then go to the location we need the nailer.
In a week or so, once the electrical has completed his work we can move the work table against the wall and then start to get more organized in the workshop.

Can you tell I am looking forward to having my workshop setup?