Electrical, Plumbing, Insulation: Great Progress Made!

This past weekend did wonders to improve the outlook that the Cottage project actually has a light at the end of the tunnel. While none of the key things listed in the were actually completed, great progress was made:

My contractor started this past Saturday. While their presence actually slowed our progress on the plumbing, the electricians, yes there were two of them, were amazing to watch!

They were actually able to complete all the wiring on the main floor (pictures to follow in posts this week). They were amazing to watch - clearing professionals. They accomplished in less that a full day what would have taken us perhaps two full weekends.

We were able to complete the waste lines from the bathroom straight through to the septic tank. This included the waste lines from the shower, bath tub, sink and toilet. As an added bonus the bath tub (an old style, claw foot tub) was assembled and the beginnings of the water supply was roughed in. By roughed in I mean the pipes from the pressure tank were reoriented, the water filter and UV filter were 'nailed' tot he wall. (pictures to follow in posts this week)

Given that the electrical wiring for the main floor was complete, we can now insulate the walls and ceiling of the main floor. This wasn't on the schedule for this weekend but my son being a bit restless Saturday evening spent a few later hours insulating the exterior walls. All the fine insulation requiring cutting wasn't done but it represents a big jump on the insulation task for next weekend. (pictures to follow in posts this week)

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