3 Reasons Why I Love Roxul (Mineral Wool) Insulation

Last weekend we started putting in some of the insulation after the electrician finished his work on the main floor. The little bit of insulation we did confirmed my previous experiences with Roxul, and why I like using the material so much:

1. Roxul Doesn't cause a rash
With fibreglass insulation you have to take all kinds of precautions to cover yourself up. With Roxul the only thing I do is wear gloves.

2. Roxul is more fire & water resistant
...and they have the stats to prove it (www.roxul.com). Roxul melts at over 1000 degrees C which is almost twice the temperature that fibreglass wool melts at. Water just runs off Roxul, whereas the glass wool stuff seem to wick up water.

3. Roxul is simply easier to install
Roxul is a firmer material, thus it fills the walls much nicer - it just feels like it isn't going to compress or fall in the cavity like the glass wool products always seem to prefer to do. It cuts easily with a bread knife. It installs nicely - it has a side that compresses nicely to assist installing it - and this side is clearly marked.

An added bonus reason:

4. Roxul has great soundproofing properties
Roxul is the stuff most sound rooms are insulted with.

Roxul is marginally more expensive but well worth the extra cost in my estimation...