2 Early Access Requirements to Electricity

We use a generator for all our electricity requirements, however, I am looking forward to finally getting connected to the grid.

The now insulated cottage provides some damping of the noise of the generator, but the constant drone all day of the generator is becoming a bit much. It would be nice to get some of that peace and quiet that we are looking forward to at the Cottage.

The Cottage is actually wired... so we are just waiting for Hydro Qu├ębec to connect us up!

The electrician did set us up so that as soon as we are connected we have access to power. He provided the following:

1) Two 110 volt outlets
He provided outlet on the main floor and one in the basement. As soon as we are connected these will be live and we will no longer require the generator. The picture illustrates the outlet in the kitchen area that he made available. There is no cover plate but in fine construction mode he just electrical taped on all the exposed wires and connections. I guess it isn't a great approach to get your client electrocuted!

2) Two 240 volt outlets
As mentioned in an earlier post, our electrician has set up the stove and the dryer outlets so that we can use them to connect a hydro heater.

TVA electricians, Tennessee, 1942.Getting Concerned...
We are getting very close to the point where all work inside the Cottage will stop if we don't have electricity. The drywall contractor starts this week. While they can install the drywall on the walls and ceiling, they can't do any of the taping and mud if we can't raise the temperature. It has been almost month since the electrical has been put in so we are hoping it happens soon.