The Cottage is closed! A Milestone Reached

This past weekend was a weekend of milestones reached. The first is that the cottage is now completely closed. What does that mean you say... I thought you have had the doors and windows in for a month now!

Yes! The windows and doors were installed more than a month ago, however, the cottage was still technically open to the birds. What I mean is that the both birds, bugs and curious human could still easily get into the cottage by simply climbing a wall or flying though the open eaves and the ceilings of the front and back porch or the ceiling of the gazebo.

Those avenues of egress to the Cottage were all closed in this weekend. The eaves were closed in with soffit, and the ceilings over the front porch, back porch and gazebo were all enclosed with 1/4 inch plywood.

Both projects, the soffit and plywood installation took much longer than expected. The primary reason is that both of these tasks have a high degree of fine cutting and measuring which just simply takes lots of time. This is exacerbated by those wonderful architectural features that we all want - in our case it was the eight-sided gazebo - eight corners and lots of measuring!

TIP: Based on my experience double the amount of time you think it will take to do your soffit!