Rain, Rain, go away...

A project status of sorts...

I have been on vacation, and working up at the cottage this past week (August 1 - 10). It may look like a lot of progress has been accomplished, since the last time I posted (basically I posted the last 12 days of posts - 12 days ago...), however, I haven't gotten where I was hoping to be.

There were primarily two reasons: Rain, and late deliveries of materials... But rain is turning out to be the biggest obstacle to progress. It has rained almost every day at least in part. Let me give you some examples:
  • The roofing contractor gave a quote of 4 days - it took him over 14 days in elapsed time to accomplish the work
  • Out of the past 9 days I perhaps was able to work a total of 5 days
  • During the previous weekend - long weekend as I go up on Fridays - I maybe was able to get one full day of real work in.
While I am about a month - or let's say 4 weekends behind schedule - the project is moving along. Fortunately the cottage is now closed in so any work on the inside can continue in spite of the rain.

This is a summary of the status:
  • All the framing of walls on the inside - both floors is complete
  • The gap between the framed wall and the concrete in the basement has been spray foamed (more on this in a future posts)
  • The roof is on and shingled, including two vents have been roughed in - the chimney will be installed in September.
  • The stair landings have been roughed in - but no stairs yet.
  • All the exterior doors and windows have been installed - but they yet need to be spray foamed to seal them
  • Approximately one-half of the cedar deck has been installed
  • The septic system has been installed
  • Siding has been installed on half of the east wall - with start strip installed on the rest of the east wall and on the front wall.
I am taking a bit of breather from Cottage construction for the next two weeks - re-energizing my batteries so to speak - so we closed up the Cottage and locked it down on Sunday. Next work day is August 29th - although the electrician may be in to start his work.