Framing the Basement... Status

The massive amount of rain in the month of July caused me to change the order of construction activities. Not able to work outside, I moved the framing of the walls in the basement much early in the schedule. In fact I had thought that it was a task that I would leave to next spring - concentrating solely on getting the main floor completed. But with time on my hands, I ordered more 2x4 lumber and framed the basement walls.

In the basement there will be:
  • 2 bedrooms
  • a laundry closet (in one of the bedrooms)
  • a utility room, and
  • a bathroom
Also also framed the walls to the stairwell

Given that it was the basement with 8 inch concrete walls I chose to construct 2x4 walls. Remember that the walk-out side of the basement has already been framed using 2x6 pressure-treated lumber - it is not a concrete wall.

I am realizing some benefits of completing the framing:
  • I can now have my electrical contractor install the electrical in the entire house now, saving a second trip and money
  • I realize now that I would have had to put up a few walls anyway to hold the electrical service, the tankless water heater, and the water pressure tank.
  • I now can better plan for the routing of the plumbing from the main floor in the basement ceiling.