5 Reasons to Use Tankless Water Heaters

We have decided to use a tankless water heater to supply hot water to the Cottage. The reasons were very simple and logical:
  1. Small footprint: A tankless water heater is much smaller that an equivalent water heater - in fact they just hang on a wall.,
  2. Inexpensive to run: Because there is no tank of water to continuously keep hot, you are not paying to heat water when you aren't using it.
  3. Instant and endless hot water: The model we got, a Bosch 2400ES, provides water for two major applications. It will keep providing hot water forever or until our propane tank runs out of gas... So nice long showers are possible.
  4. Easy to Install: It is no harder to install than a tank water heater, in fact perhaps a bit easier, as it is just hung on a wall, and could go just about anywhere.
  5. Easy to Winterize: Because there is no water tank winterizing is easy. Draining the water pipes also drains the water heater. Plus there isn't 40 gallons or more to drain - just the water in the pipes.