3 Steps to installing an Oval Window

I expected that installing an oval window would present some unusually challenges.

On the contrary the installation was quite easy. The different shape did not make it any more difficult. In fact because the window was the smallest it turned out to be the easiest of all of them. This was many because it was the lightest of them all.

Three step's to Oval window success:
  1. Make sure you frame the window opening the right size. The trick is to make sure the window opening is 3/4 inch bigger that the size of the window. The framing is exactly what you would do for a rectangular window of the same height and width.
  2. Leave the exterior sheathing in place until you receive the window. That way you can use the window itself as the template to mark the cutting oval for the window.
  3. Use the window itself as the template for your cutting line. Cut the window opening in the sheathing to 3/8 on all sides.
  4. Order the window with a nailing flange. Once the window is placed in the newly cut opening, center it horizontally and vertically and securing it is easy with the nail flange.
  5. Use spray foam insulation to insulate around the window. This makes sure the odd shape gets insulated well.
While a bit more expensive that an equivalent sized casement windows, the oval window will be a nice architectural touch to the design of the cottage.

What do you think?