Status Update! Almost a roof...

I had taken the week of June 30th of as vacation and intended to bit off a big chunk of the construction. The target was to by July 6th to have the roof on.

Well we didn't quite make it!

About 25% of the trusses have been installed and another 50% have been loaded up on the walls read to be installed.

Unfortunately the weather, illness and work got in the way:
  • Of the 9 days up at the Cottage - it rained 4
  • One of my sons was quite ill with a summer cold/flu
  • A second son was unexpectedly called in to work on Saturday.
In any case the state of the cottage is what I would call half pregnant. A lot of things are partially done...

The target for next weekend is to finish framing the roof.

BTW - My trusses were manufactured by Kent Trusses based out of Sundridge Ontario.