A Rocky Future...

Lucie, my wife, has been labouring continuously to collect all the rocks that the construction has exposed.

What for you may ask?

Well Emitt, the fellow that delivers the construction materials from Dale's Home Hardware Building Centre, says that all the wife's do that...

Lucie's explanation has been evolving, there seems to be a new need every day, so far the list is:
  • "Well we need to get them out of the way of your ladders - its dangerous you know"
  • "They will make a nice border on the driveway"
  • "We can use them to cover the dirt under the deck"
  • "Well we will need them for the fire pit - we have to have a fire pit - after all it isn't a cottage without a fire pit..."
The list continues, but I can't disagree with any of here suggestions, and I can't deny it is nice to walk and work around the Cottage and not have to negotiate the stones.