The Power to Build....

You are probably wondering how I have been powering all the fancy tools I have been using to build the Cottage. With a circular saw, a chop saw, air compressor, fridge (yes a fridge), and drill power is needed. Dong all the nailing and sawing by hand would mean I would be done sometime next year if I was working full time at it.

The answer is my trusty electrical generator. The model I have is a 6500 watt generator, more that plenty to power the above tools, many at the same time. It holds 25 litres of gasoline and runs about 6-8 hours each weekend day before needed another drink.

The generator was brand new when I got it so after the first weekend I had to change the oil.

It has been a trooper, running almost constantly, in the hot weather, from near 8 am to 8 pm on the days that we need it. I purchased the generator at Princess Auto and have been very pleased with its operation. It starts almost every time with a single pull. It can provide both 240 and 120 volts, although I only need 120 so far.

In sizing the generator be sure to take into account the spike voltage of the tool you are using. All my tools are generally under 2500 watts, even with the spike, so you might think 6500 watts is over kill. However, I also plan to run the submersible pump I have in the lake foe water supply. While the running wattage of the pump is 2500 watts when the pump starts it spikes way over 2500 watts. If your power source can't provide the spike wattage then the tool or applicance just won't start.

So be sure the generator is the right size for your application!