Batten down the Hatches

We covered the framed floor with a massive tarp (30 x 40), both after we put in the joists and then a week latter after put on the tongue and groove flooring material. We did this for two reasons:
  1. The engineered lumber is not meant to be exposed to the weather for long lengths of time. Because we are not continuously building, and hence will not have the roof up quickly like the professional builders, the material will be exposed longer than is usual.
  2. We would like to have the basement floor poured earlier than is usually the practice. The concrete contractor prefers to pour the floor after the building is closed in, and hence, the concrete is protected from the rain.
My foundation contractor takes pride in his workmanship. He prefers not to have any chance of rain spoiling the nice glassy finish of the basement floor. So my deal with him is to ensure the floor is covered and virtually leak-proof, hence, the floor in place and covered with a tarp.

A benefit of doing the basement floor sooner is that pouring the concrete will be much easier. The opening in the floor for the stairwell can be used to pour the concrete rather than the small entrance of the basement window.