The Dream has become a reality! The footings are in...

I went up to the Lot today for two reasons. First reason to was to take yet again more stuff from my just sold and vacated home up to store in the sled on the Lot. My most eager reason, however, was to see the progress of Doug on putting in the foundation.

Doug started earlier in the week, on Monday, and was hoping to get the foundation walls in. Rain and other issues meant he didn't quite get that far.

But I was elated!

Seeing the hole dug for the foundation and the footings in meant that my dream was finally happening. After walking around, on and over the footings I was finally able to spot pinching myself. As you can see from the pictures in the post the footing are there as well as the drainage system around the outside of the footings.

The footings are on two levels as the cottage is being built on the side of the hill. So the foundation is not a simple 'box'.

What amazed me was the awesome amount of sand that was dug out. There was almost not enough room on the rest of the lot to place the sand temporarily. Obviously some of the sand will be used to back fill the foundation and to create a grade up to the cottage, but I hazard a guess that a good portion of the sand will have to be trucked away.

ASIDE: The sand, as the septic engineer mentions in his report (see upcoming post), is absolutely the best material for the septic system. It percolates very well.

The plan calls for the foundation walls to be poured this upcoming week, followed by the piers (sonotubes) for the deck supports.

My status update and next pictures of the foundation will be a few days after my next trip up there which will be June 6-8th - when we build the lake side wall of the basement and install the engineered floor.