A new way to do concrete piers... no concrete!

The deck surrounding the Cottage requires 16 concrete piers for the supporting colums. Which means digging 16 holes, most over 5 feet deep to get below the frost line. Furthermore, six of the posts require a 36" footing. I am not looking forward to digging those holes - especially on the side of a hill. They will likely all need to be dug virtually by hand.

Not that I am allergic to hard work - just if there is a better way I am all for it!

Well at the Home Show in Ottawa this past weekend, I happened to find an interesting alternative. It is a post pier that is quite literally screwed into the ground. So you can see the obvious advantages -- no digging - absolutely no digging.

This screw-in post is called "techno METAL POST". To find all about this technology go to www.tmpo.ca.

I am still investigating, and if it compares favourably with the standard sonotube and concrete approach both in price and bearing strength, I think it may be a winner for me. Stay tuned I'll let you know what I discover.